Jibeworks is a startup that believes electronics should fit the spaces people work and live.

We all have a ton of electronics around us and the internet of things (IoT) is bringing more. It doesn’t matter if it is a desk, retail store, or a cell site, each new device adds to the mess of equipment and cables.

In starting Jibeworks, we knew we can’t solve everything at once, and also that we couldn’t do anything interesting if we mass produced things overseas. So we started by developing the capabilities to create customizable products quickly and affordably. That lead us to redesign standard network and server racks in a way that allows color choices and unique finishes. On top of that, we redesigned the products for better function .

Already we are delivering gamers cool proAV style racks to put their consoles and streaming electronics in. We are providing studio racks in colors that fit the “vibe”. We are creating branded solutions for companies. These systems don’t just look great, they are supported with years of technical experience. We stand behind our solutions and pride ourselves on customer service.

We appreciate the support of our early customers. Our goal is to continue to grow so we can do more cool things for more cool people..

What are people saying?

" I just want to say thank you and how much I appreciate your outstanding customer service…I'm about halfway through getting my rack set up and I absolutely love it. "

Jibeworks custom gaming rack testimonial. Sarah H.

" The rack is awesome, I love it! I would get another if I had the space for it. Thank you so much again, I appreciate everything! I attached a picture of the completed rack. "

Jibeworks customer installation for Shawn H. Shawn H.

" I love it! Although the number of screws/nuts is a little small for the size of the rack, it’s a great buy. You have been helpful. "

Joshua .M

"..I think it is badass. It works for me and I am a big fan. "

Matt P. from Swashing Matt P. Pimp My Setup / Swashin via Youtube

"...The customer service provided was exemplary and I will not hesitate to do business with this company again."

Please contact us -- we love your questions, ideas and projects.